Your Magnetic Pinned Tweet

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"Man, check out all these notifications!

Solid engagement...a few likes & comments, a RT from a large account...

Wait, but why didn't I get any new followers?"

If you get a decent amount of profile visits but don't get followers, writing a badass pinned tweet will help.

Look at Justin Welsh's:

His pinned tweet:

  1. catches your attention immediately: “little one person business crossed $4M in revenue”
  2. he tells you how long it took (1,352 days), which is 3.7 years (I did the math for you)
  3. he tells you he ran ZERO ads (make you want to learn more)
  4. and he operates at 94% profit margin, which means, for $4M in revenue, his costs have amounted to $240k (curious what those costs are TBH)
  5. he then goes on to list the 20 steps in his wild and strange journey


How can you NOT want to read more. 

The guy has done something amazing, so you click.

He then walks through the exact steps he took to get where he is. 

2.1M views on his pinned tweet, amazing.

Here's Dan Koe's:

His is not a thread, just a 4 line tweet, but he kicks it off with a deep rooted conviction.

“I'm convinced the biggest problem of our times is a lack of purpose.”

Well, that’s intriguing, tell me more…

“Most people are on autopilot”

Ah, crap, I don’t want to be on autopilot. My biggest fear is waking up one day realizing I never lived life. 

“Their destination – or purpose – was set at birth.”

Oh hell no, nobody sets my destination for me (unless it’s some supreme being).

This creates a sense of confinement and no choice, which for me, stirs an emotion of wanting to change.

He then hooks you with a perfect line to take action:

“Here’s how you take back control of your life”

So you click, read and potentially subscribe to his newsletter…awesome.

And one more, Matt Gray's:

One-liner that hooks you instantly: “This took me 10 years to learn, I’ll teach it to you in 5 minutes:” 

The guy has over 200k followers, it took him 10 years to learn something and he’s going to teach me that in 5 minutes?


Massive value.


How can you not click that?


Now look at your pinned tweet.

  1. does it hook your attention?
  2. does it make you want to read more?
  3. does it provide value?

If not, it’s time to create a new one and I have a great place for you to start.

We're writing your Transformation Tweet and pinning that sucker.

Use the template I provide and watch the super short video included.


  • It invokes emotion.
  • It shows your followers that transformation is possible.
  • And it creates your unique niche.

Oh, and it's going to help you add followers daily (especially when you pair it with Supercharging Your X Engagement - which you can find here for free).

So, let's get to it.

Keep building your audience so you can Sell to Freedom - let's go!

I want this!

A short video and Transformation Tweet template to attract your Ideal Followers daily!

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Your Magnetic Pinned Tweet

4 ratings
I want this!